O LORD God, Please Forgive

November 17, 2022

a person drowns underwater

November 17, 2022 | Reading Amos 7

O LORD God, please forgive!... the LORD relented... (v.2)

O LORD God, please cease!... the LORD relented...(v.5)

O Lord, please forgive, please cease... do not let Thy feeble servant to Thy just and righteous judgement. Thy servant O Lord, Thou has warned. For Israel, Thou has warned over and over again - with locusts that drove Thy people to hunger, with fire that devoured the land, and with Thy wall with a plumbing line - abandoning Israel shall they not repent.

Thou has also warned me, Thy servant, Thy blood-washed adopted child, over and over again - in the spiraling down into sin, in the seared conscience of my soul, and in Thy Word. O Lord God, forgive Thy servant. Cleanse me and I will be cleansed. Wash me, and I will be white as snow. Yet, will this be true? Shall I be saved from the despicable and intense iniquity of my heart? Will Thou God almighty relent?

Oh, Christ, in Thee alone, through Thee alone, God almighty has relented.

Oh Lord, I thank Thee, for Thy tender mercies, firm to the end. Thank you for Thou through Christ, has relented. Not unwillingly nor forcibly has has Thou relented o Lord, but in Thy holy sacred love. My sins oh so despicable, unforgivable, disgraceful, Oh Christ, Thou has bore on Thy cross. Thy blood dripping, voice anguishing, sweat profusing - for such my sins have done to Thee. Death Thou has tasted, the agony and helplessness - oh that my sins be paid, my soul redeemed.

Yet oh gloriously Thou has risen from the dead, and now the LORD God shall relent, relent from sending Thy servant to eternal damnation, relent from giving me what I deserve. Hallelujah! Thy Spirit has applied Thy blood to Thy servant. I am clean! clean! No longer unclean!

No more Lord, I beseech Thee, do not let Thy servant return to my vomit. Oh let me walk in newness of life. For Thy judgment Thou has withheld, Thy grace and generosity Thou has bestowed.


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