Micah 1: Oh the Terror of Sin

January 6, 2023

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For her wound is incurable, and it has come to Judah; it has reached to the gate of my people, to Jerusalem. Micah 1:9

The sin of Samaria began not as lavish and outlandish as it became, but only a small compromise, considered inconsequential. Yet the wound of it sin festered and festered, becoming incurable, reaching Judah, to the gates of Jerusalem, darkening the hearts of the people of God.

Oh my soul, isn't that what sin has done in your heart? Were you not at first foolish to commit it, for you unfairly and foolishly judged it as insignificant and easy to overcome? Yet what has sin done in your heart oh my soul? Has it not festered and festered, leading you to open rebellion against the Creator and His Wisdom upon your life? Has it not even lead others around you to justify their own similar sins, for they see you committing them with no consequence? Oh my soul, do not think for one second that there are no consequence.

See the terror of sin unchecked! Cultivated holiness, that you oh soul have been nourished by the Spirit, will be dampened; the healthy conscience of the soul will be seared and the excellence of glory and good will be despised. Oh my soul, do you dare to ignore the work of the Lord in sanctifying you? Do you dare to render His good work in you as of no importance? Do you openly and blatantly dare to call God's good as evil, and call evil good? The greatest terror however, is when the holiness, righteousness, and wisdom of the One who commanded your good, will be mocked. Oh, my soul, will you dare to mock the Creator who loved you and created you fearfully and wonderfully? Could you mock the wisdom of the Lord by justifying your sin, and in consequence, saying to Him that he is wrong about your sin, and that you are right in your disobedience?

Oh, let not sin fester in my heart oh Lord. Though the passage today say the wound is incurable, yet with You oh my Savior, nothing is impossible. Though the sins in my heart fester like scarlet, You are able to wash is white as snow! My soul magnifies You my Savior - the One who saves His people from their sins.

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