KLBC – Car Park Posters

October 9, 2022

Client: Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church

Year: 2017

Medium: Printed A3 Posters

The Problem

I was asked to design posters that will promote the ministries and programs of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church (KLBC). The posters are to be placed at the church parking lot. This is to create awareness for visitors, new-comers, and those who parked their car (the parking space was open to the public on weekdays) on the various programs that KLBC offers. They requested that we highlight the Senior Residence in Desa ParkCity, the Church Library, and the Homeschooling Centre in the church (catering to children 7 years old and above). They wanted the posters not only to inform the viewers, but also to feel welcoming enough for them to inquire about the programs.

The client requested that the posters be different in look while having some consistency that reflects KLBC branding - trustworthy, welcoming, and life-changing.

The Solution

I set out researching on styles, layout, color schemes, typography and images that will reflect each ministry's focus. For consistency, I ensured that the logo and website of the church are placed in a common place at the bottom of the posters. However, the rest of the poster required differences in their overall presentation.

The Senior Residence Poster

For the Senior Residence, I looked for elements and layouts that will communicate and ambiance of calmness, professionality and clarity. For the senior residences, finding a smiling Asian senior citizen stock photo (free and legal) on the internet proved challenging. Most free and high-resolution images have models of western/white ethnicity.

I settled in using a san-serif, light-weight, formal style of typography and a sky-blue, light blue chromatic scheme. The image used are stock photos of senior citizens smiling, portraying a welcoming feel. Finding the right image was challenging, as most of the free stock photos in the internet have western/white models. Thankfully, I found an image that was tolerable resolution-wise, and featuring Asian seniors.

The Library Poster

For the library, I looked at elements and colors that appear bookish. The challenge was crafting a design that would encourage church members of all ages (men, women, youth, and kids) to visit the library. The design can’t be too playful but also cannot be too serious.

The result I came up with was to use earthy, coffee-like tones to give a feeling of bookishness (coffee, more often than not, has been closely linked with book-reading)

For the Homeschooling Centre, I looked at playful styles, elements, and color to communicate the joy and fun that can be found in the school. The challenge we faced in the design however, is that, we could not use photos of the students (of minor age) due to legal concerns of publishing their images in public spaces (as the car park was used publicly on weekdays).

Instead of using real photos, I decided to craft illustrations to depict happy children in blue uniforms, the color of the uniforms of the school, Using flat and bright colors, the goal was to exude a joyful, fun and happy vibe that could be found in the kindergarten. I used the tagline, "We help your child to GO, GROW, GLOW - to showcase the ultimate benefit for the child's enrolment.

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