Kapatid Ministry – Feeding Ministry 2019

October 9, 2022

Kapatid Ministry is a non-profit organization working among the poor communities in the Philippines. They wanted a new brochure that would help them achieve the following:

  • The reader will be clearly informed about the gist of our ministry.
  • The reader will be invested emotionally.
  • The reader will donate/volunteer in the ministry.

With these objectives in mind, I created and drafted the following design with these principles.

A clean and organized look for the brochure

I organized the layout to have minimal colors, using the corporate color as accents and only for emphasizing the main points of the information presented. I also presented the information in a flow that brings the reader from what the organization is about, who they help, how they help, and why is the reader's response vital to the program.

Adding personas/characters to the promotion

I added how the program is vital for actual people by including information as to how the program impacts their daily lives. Also, the images use are closeup shots of the children who will stand to benefit with the reader's response.

Highlighted the importance of the reader's response

Towards the end of the brochure, I included the various ways the reader can be involved, not just by donating. Having various options opens the door for the reader to consider that he can be helping out in many ways, not just financially. Yet, the layout is placed in such a way that financial assistance is very much welcome and very much essential in the accomplishment of the program.

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