In my… He is…

January 29, 2024

sun rays inside cave

In my nothingness, He is my fullness,

In my weakness, He is my strength,

In my sorrows, He is my comfort,

In my regrets, He is my hope.

In my sins, He is revealer

In my trespasses, He is the atonement

In my transgressions, He is sufficient

In my debts, He is my ransom.

In my darkness, He is my light,

In my lostness, He is my guide,

In my distress, He is my deliverer,

In my questions, He is my answer


In my joy, He is my reason,

In my success, He is my source,

In my striving, He is my sustainer,

In my blessings, He is my giver.

In my labour, He is my provider,

In my loving, He is my example,

In my family, He is the center,

In my ministry, He is the Master.

In the valley, He is my Shepherd,

In my sickness, He is my balm.

In my deathbed, He is my peace,

In my last breath, He is my welcome.


In my glory, He is the Only One,

In my eternity, He is my water,

In my future, He is my destination,

In my now, He is with me.

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