God hears prayers

May 22, 2023

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**O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come. Psalm 65:2

His providences proclaim Him to be a God who hears prayers.
-John Flavel

Oh Lord, it is true. I have experienced Thy providences in answers to prayers and cries I uplifted to you. Oh Lord, let me not presume that every prayer of mine will result in the answer I demand, nor let me fall into unbelief that my prayers are falling on deaf ears. Oh Lord, did not Thou ordained not only the ends, but also the means? Did not Thou ordained my weak, soft prayers to bestow Thy providence? Oh Lord. Thank you, For Thou has ordained Thy ways through the prayers of Thy people.

Help me now not to be unfaithful Lord, but to pray and trust Thee, that Your promise of hearing my prayers will never be broken.


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