Devotional Journal

Reflections on personal Scripture reading and devotions. With Scripture as a mirror, the writings are, for the author, both a discourse with his own soul and also reflective prayers to God.

Little by Little Everyday

Get rich quick? You will lose your wealth quick. Work hard little by little over time? You will increase it. Why is that? Here’s why.
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A Gospel We Can Trust

In doing community work, some believe the gospel should not be mentioned upfront. Here's why.
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The Sloth vs. the Diligent

Laziness is an epidemic that is increasing among many young people today. How does God deal with this kind of epidemic? Here's how.
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In my… He is…

A poem: reflections on who God is (and who I am).
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Taken Captive by Lust

What does treachery have to do with lust? Let’s hear what the proverbs have to say.
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What kind of faith will you leave behind?

What does it mean to have faith in God in this confusing and headache-inducing times? Hebrews 11 tells us.
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Missing my Misis

A poem for my hope with my misis in times like this.